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The King

The King's Two Bodies. Ernst H. Kantorowicz

The King's Two Bodies

ISBN: 0691017042,9780691017044 | 309 pages | 8 Mb

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The King's Two Bodies Ernst H. Kantorowicz
Publisher: Princeton University Press

But, shouts Maestro Liebreich, evolution is in the offing, yet? The ideal could be used to rein in the actual. The fiction of the king's two bodies--the divine body and the earthly one--provided a mechanism for constraining the actions of any given king. In 1957 Ernst Kantorowicz published a book that would be the guide for generations of scholars through the arcane mysteries of medieval political theology. As the denizen of an English Department I yearn for the day on which this hugely over-rated thinker is let go. In a classic book, The King's Two Bodies, Ernst Kantorowicz wrote that there were two kings: the frail, human and mortal vessel who happens to be king, and the perfect eternal king who endures forever as the symbol of the monarchy. Kantorowicz wrote a study called The King's Two Bodies designed, basically, to explain a puzzling phrase like "The King is Dead. The king's two bodies may be dead, but the struggle to depict their living legacies — elemental, spiritual, exploding and genetic — remains very much in effect. In his classic, The King's Two Bodies (1957), medievalist Ernst Kantorowicz describes a profound transformation in the concept of political authority over the course of the Middle Ages. I expect that the king's healing was therefore connected to the doctrine of the king's two bodies that still enjoyed some popularity in the Stuart period (certainly Charles I liked it!). The division between the frail human body and the ideal symbolic body of the monarch is what the historian Ernst Kantorowicz has called 'the king's two bodies'. 1) Catoptromancy is a form of divination using mirrors. 2) If one were interested in Pilate's inkpot in the ceremonial of the Byzantine emperor he could see O.