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Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard

Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard's Writings by Edna H. Hong, Howard V. Hong, Soren Kierkegaard

Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard's Writings

Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard's Writings download

Either/Or : Part 1 Kierkegaard's Writings Edna H. Hong, Howard V. Hong, Soren Kierkegaard ebook
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691020419, 9780691020419
Format: pdf
Page: 728

I don't recall ever having read about K. I find this reading highly problematic in my own studies, especially reading Kierkegaard's book Works of Love, his later authorship (that is, the works by Anti-Climacus and those under his own name), and his mountainous journals and papers. There, he swiftly composed two of his most important books, Either/Or and Fear and Trembling. In such a book–especially not as part of that “great cloud of witnesses” evangelicals like to look back to–our heroes and spiritual ancestors. Do you have an idea or feedback to share? There are also a number of Exactly how many he creates are disputed, as some pseudonyms are possibly pseudonyms for pseudonyms (see Johannes the Seducer as a pseudonym for “A” in Either/Or). This site is published by the Office of Public Affairs, which is part of the Advancement Division. I recently had the opportunity to test this question on a visit with students to the homeland of Søren Kierkegaard, one of Europe's leading 19th-century intellectuals. I feel a thinker shows genius if he or she is either able to provide you a tool which enables you to understand more of the world around you, or a question mark that primes you to question the same world and its mechanisms. And fled from Copenhagen to Berlin. His pseudonymous works ( you mention several– Fear and Trembling, Sickness Unto Death, Either/Or, et cetera) are excellent, but aren't meant to be taken as direct theology, which makes them a bit difficult to work with.

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